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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 22, 2009 6:00pm-6:59pm EDT

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[applause] >> if we could take just a moment and to contribute to tilt the bob cummings and giving us his presentation. we not to present them a small token of appreciation from the memorial, the lone sailor the proudly stands watch on the grass and a seat. balad sailors is a representation of the men and women serving in agree the beebe and you have served in the past, are serving today and will serve in the future so bob, come on up and let me kube this token of appreciation and hopefully it will find a place under a desk. >> thank you. i appreciate it. ' i was wondering if you were
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going to give me that painting of richard nixon. [laughter] >> robert mrazek serve five terms as the democratic congressman from new york. is a veteran of the u.s. navy and author of three novels including stonewall pasquale. for more information and torpedo squadron eight the two navy and click on naval history. >> >> television executive don hewitt was a guest on booknotes in 2001 to discuss his memoir, "tell me a story". in the book, mr. hewitt recounted his participation in
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the early days of television broadcasting at cbs. he was responsible for the first broadcast of political conventions in 1948 and the first kennedy and nixon debate and 1960. he also created and produced cbs's 60 minutes. don hewitt passed away on august 19th, 2009 at the age of 86. this is an hour. c-span: don hewitt, why did you call your book "tell me a story"? >> guest: because that's the--the guiding principle of "60 minutes." i--i--i've always said that all you have to do is tell me a story. i--i sometimes go into a screening room, and i see spectacular footage and great characters, and then i say, 'hey, this is terrific. what's the story?' tell me a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. and i don't know why everybody else doesn't do that, but nobody seems to. c-span: now you know what's in
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your own book. >> guest: yeah. c-span: and if this book was plopped down on your desk, potential "60 minutes" show, which story is the best story for television in here? >> guest: i don't know. you'd better ask barbara walters because she's done this thing. best story for television? sinatra. c-span: what about sinatra? >> guest: threatened to kill me on a--he dn't l--he came to new york--first of all, i was trying to get him to sit down and do an--an hour, and they said, 'no, no.' i mean, we--'he doesn't do things like that.' and then one day i get a call from a guy named jim mahoney, who was his press agent, and he said, 'listen, mickey ruden and i would like to come to new york and talk to you.' mickey ruden was sinatra's lawyer. he was also the lawyer for desilu, so he had some relationship with cbs. they came to new york, and friend--friendly was great. friendly always was very low key. he said, 'well, take them to
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lunch in the cafeteria.' c-span: fred friendly. >> guest: fred friendly. 'take them to lunch'--he was president of cbs news at the time. we had lunch in the cafeteria, and they said, 'well, sinatra will do it, but there are three conditions.' and we said, 'well, what are those?' he said, 'no questions about the mafia, gambling or cal-neva lodge,' which is the place he tried to get a gambling license and couldn't. and we said, forget it. i mean, we--that's ridiculous. we will not do it with ground rules.' they got up and they left. and a week later i get a call from mahoney, and he said, 'come out here. sinatra wants to meet you.' so i figure, 'hey, they--they gave up their ground rules and they want to play by our rules.' and i went out to see sinatra--never met the man; walk into this office, which is like six times as big as this studio, and he was kind of snotty. he said, 'what do you want?' i said, 'well, i'd like to do a documentary about you.' 'why?'
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i said, 'i don't know. you know, like hubert humphrey and jonas salk and willie mays, you're part of the times we live in, you're part of the fabric of the '40s, the '50s, the '60s.'he warmed up maybe that much. i said--now i figured i'm really going to start selling. i said, 'you know, frank'--and i shouldn't have called him frank. i didn't even know him. i said, 'you know, frank, people of my generation remember who they were and where they were by what frank sinatra song was popular at the time.' now maybe i got another two degrees of heat. he said, 'what'll you pay me?' i said, 'look, you don't have enough money to buy a documentary about yourself. cbs doesn't have enough money to pay you what you're worth. why don't we call it a wash?' that seemed to work. he said, 'how do i know i can trust you?'
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and i said, 'i'm going to ask you to sit in a seat opposite walter cronkite.' this is my shining moment. how i thought of this, i don't know. i said, 'i'm going to ask you to sit in a seat opposite walter cronkite. that's the same seat that dwight eisenhower, jack kennedy and lyndon johnson sat in. if you don't think you're big enough to sit in that seat, i wouldn't do it, if i were you.' he grinned. he said, 'i'm recording tomorrow night at united. do you want to start then?' i said, 'we'll be there.' i didn't know what he was talking about. i went out in the hall, i found a phone booth, i called a cameraman i knew and i said, 'what in the hell is a united?' he said, 'it's a big recording studio.' i said, 'well, light it. we're going to shoot sinatra tomorrow night.' he arrived. mia farrow was with him. this big limo pulls up, he gets out, the hat's on the back of the head, the coat's over the
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shoulder, and i figured, 'oh, my god, he's going to play man on the album cover,' and he did. he was delicious. he--all the quips--he was frank sinatra, man on the album cover. and i figured, 'boy, this is d--this is great. i mean, this couldn't be better. everything's working out.' now we shoot him doing the "september of my years" album, which is pretty good stuff. i mean, it's--if you're going to have a time capsule somewhere, that may be one of the songs you put in it. and got along great with him. we--we did--we went to lawton penitentiary, just outside of washington. he played for the convicts with ella fitzgerald and count basie. and i'm thinking, 'boy, i fell into something here. this is--this is big stuff. 'here's a kid who i mean, i'm a--you know, i'm in the--in the journalism business, and i'm kind of impressed with ed murrow.
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but i'm--you know, i'm running around with count basie and ella fitzgerald and frank sinatra. it's one great big--we leave lawton penitentiary to come back to get his plane, and--and on the way he says to me, 'we're--we're not going to be far from arlington cemetery, are we? ' i said, 'no. i guess we go pretty close.' he said, 'do you want to film me at jack kennedy's grave?' i said, 'have you ever been there before?' he said, 'no, this is the first time.' why i said what i said, i don't know, but i said,'you son of a bitch. you've never been to jack kennedy's grave, as close as you were, and now you want aamera to film you there?' and he said, 'you're right. i shouldn't do that, should i?' i was probably stupid because i--it's--been a great scene, but i figured it was a good way of getting in better with him.
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everything's going fine. now we're doing the interview in his house in palm springs, and cronkite asked him about the mafia and cal-neva lodge. and he goes ape, and he says to me, 'you, come inside.' so we walk in the bedroom. he says, 'you broke all the rules.' i said 'what rules?' he said, 'mickey's rules.' i said, 'we never agreed to mickey's rules.' 'you agreed to them. you broke them. i ought to kill you.' i said, 'you know, with anyone else, that's a figure of speech. you probably mean it.' he said, 'i mean it.' i said, 'well, if i have a choice, i'd rather you didn't.' and i left his house and never spoke to him again. after the show was on the air, his daughter, tina, called to say how great she thought it was, but i never heard from him. he was really hurting. what--and i--it's all about--and i never realized--and then we
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did tina sinatra recently on "60 minutes," and she told steve kroft that her father got a call from joe kennedy to see if he wouldn't intercede with sam giancana to s--to get the mob to put the arm on somebody or other--usually, on labor--to see that jack kennedy won the primaries in illinois and west virginia. and after--and he did--and after kennedy was elected, as everybody knows, bobby went after the mob. giancana c--called sinatra and said,'you owe us. we worked for this guy's election, and now he's after us.' sinatra said, 'tell you what i'll do. i'll play 16 club dates at your
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villvenice nightclub in chicago as a payback, and i'll bring the rat pack with me': sammy davis, dean martin, joey bishop, the crowd. when he went before the gaming board in las vegas to get a license for the cal-neva lodge, they faced him with the fact that he'd had this deal with the mob and that he'd played these dates for free to pay back, and he said, 'it never happened.' and tina sinatra said to steve kroft on "60 minutes," 'he lied.' now tina tried to get us to take that out, but there was no way we were going to do it, and she knew it. kind of end of sinatra story--long, but kind of fun. c-span: is there a story that you were going to write about in your book that, for whatever reason, you decided not to?
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>> guest: i don't think so. i don't think so.m(çç i mean, if there's anything in there that--that i would have written about and didn't, it's because i forgot it. c-span: who invented the 'tick, tick, tick' at the beginning of "60 minutes"? >> guest: i--i did, but--but it wasn't at the beginning of "60 minutes." it was the--it was the closing thing over the credits. and i looked at the first show, and i said to myself, 'wait a minute. you've got to be crazy to put that at the end.' that's that arresting--that's in lieu of a theme song. and marvin hamlisch always accuses me of devising the 'tick, tick' to screw some poor songwriter out of a royalty, but it just worked. and it was--it was--it was at the end, and i moved it up and it worked. c-span: who named the program "60 minutes," and why? >> guest: it all came out of a
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memo--i had written a memo to dick salant, who was then president of cbs news, to ask him, 'why couldn't we find, in all the minutes of entertainment, 60 minutes of news produced with a flair, that had more than just dull information?' and when it finally got approved, i went back and looked at the memo, and that phrase, '60 minutes,' jumped out at me, and i said, 'that's--that's not a bad name.' it really isn't 60 minutes, if you count all the commercials. c-span: first show, what date? >> guest: 1968, but i don't remember the exact date. >> nerves have never been an issue for brett favre, but, under the spotlight, in a purple
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jersey, he admitted to some butterflies. 1-4. four yards and no points and, not even a first-down. it is only a preseason game. only been with the team for some five days. but, first impressions are first impressions, and time for chris mortensen. so, what's the reaction to his debut? >> listen, it's not the 1-4 that bothers people. it's the idea, what we just saw transpire, you miss all of training-camp, and no offseason, and a year ago, you had none, and you look at his legs. i made the observation, more football people agreed, you got to have your legs, to have, to last a season. you if have no legs, you have stress to the arm. how they get him up to snuff, physically, that's the issue. getting away from center, and
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setting up. we'll see, but, this is all this is a test. talk to, they doubt it. >> it's a will see situation. >> there was another may jor debut, and it had this moment, that may make the nfl re-think. he will not raise the scene. so, if this is an issue moving forward is the league going to step in? >> jerry says he built it to league specifications. i don't know what that means. i know from talking to jeff fisher in the league, and he played last night, he is also the cochairman of the competition committee, and they'll have a discussion about this, in the very near future. a lot of different problems. who is watching the flight of the ball? doesn't want to burn a challenge, to have it reviewed. and it's a do-over, and will you
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delay the game? jerry seems to think that you have to kick it there. but, punters have strong legs, and that board covers half the field, it's an issue, and they'll have to clarify it, and i think it will have to be raised s i don't know if it is after the season or during october when they're away. >> see if it happens, in a game that counts. broncos are in a game, and marshall is not there. what are you expecting the outcome to be? >> marshall wants to be trade. right now, broncos are not inclined to do that. you can't force your way out of town, but, let's face it, if he can get a first first and third-round draft-pick from the jets, would they listen? i think they would. maybe it would set a bad precedent. but they always set a bad precedent, trading out the
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quarterback. >> two quarterback races on profile, same field, stafford, starting for detroit, and quinn starting for the browns. are they in line to win those jobs? >> culpepper is having a good training-camp for the lions, with stafford. but, when it is close, and it's been close, with stafford, you go with the rocky as long as it doesn't overwhelm him. so far it hasn't. and quinn, i think he's always been the favorite for that. anderson, has not distinguished himself, and some people think, that the deck may be stacked against him. i would say yes, the coach says no. but, i believe quinn will be the guy. >> speaking of quarterbacks, you were down there in miami, they might have the most interesting quarterback situation. two chads and they drafted the ultimate wildcat in pat white. what can we expect from them. >> tonight, they want to see pennington, and henne play a
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cleaner game. and white is interesting. he played well against the jags, and they love the way he throws the deep ball. they haven't fooled a lot with the wildcat. i think they will, starting now, that camp is broken. they like him. but this is clearly pennington's team, and henne is supposed to take over eventually for pennington. >> chris, as the bus-tour comes to a stop, at good spot, south florida. thanks, mort. >> coming up, federer and andy i murray, number 1 and 2, scared off, the final on the line. >> lots of exciting baseball going on, in little leagues. that's ahead, right here's another "nattyism" with natty light. today's word is "natastrophe." "natastrophe."
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the unfortunate loss or destruction... of one's natty light. as in... once bill took his eyes off the prize... and put them on natalie, the party turned into a complete natastrophe. natty light. now you're talkin'.
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>> wimbledon, paris, medical borne, cincinnati, the epicenter of tennis. murray, taking on federer, number 1 and 2 in the world. federer, 5-2, deuce, and murray was serving, when federer got >> d it. can tied ats 3. backhands into the net.
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bloody knuckles. and federer up, 5-4, here comes murray, with the backhand. ties it up. forces the tiebreak. matchpoint, up 9-8. murray, serving to stay alive. out. so, now, second serve, and that one is out, too.: got him double-faults the match away. and federer does what he does, he wins in straight-sets. >> women's tennis, semifinal, second seed, serena williams, taking on dimentieva. gets back on serve here, and forced a tiebreaker. up, 6-2, and, gets williams to send it long. and wins the first set, 7-6. up, 5-1, second, matchpoint, a long rally. williams, send it go wide. willa
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wins in straight-sets, and awaiting the winner -- either way, it will be an all russian final. "espnews" is your home for the 2-s. open draw.1 >> from hawaii to georgia, up tu williamsport. this is the little league world series. the parents, and that one isn, a flying off his bat. two-run homerun, georgia took the lead, 2-0. top of the second, two outs, one on for jones. a little linedrive. too small for him. two-run shot. georgia is a winner. 6-3,. >> canada versus mexico.
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extra innings, bottom 7, mexicoo with winners on second and is third, back to the pitcher. tecks, and throws to first. with no one covering. and this is the play, or theyto. would -- extend the game. work no one covering -- a walkoff win. and some english premiere league action. manchester united, starting the season slow. getting the game started in the 56th minute. crosses it back to rooney. his 100th goal for man-u. moments later, wiggins tries to respond, and gets free, and huge
6:25 pm
save. frustrated and moments after that, works the give-and-go, tips it to himself, over the keeper and scores, brilliant goal. man united, 2-nil lead. and now, 3-nil. and scores his first goal. man-u wins, 5-0. arsenal looking to continue their strong start with a 6-1 win. 18th minute, gets past the defense, and cuts it back to -- the goal, arsenal leads, 3-0. and on the wing. he finds him. down the center for another easy goal. win it, 4-1, on top of the english premiere league. >> imagine walking out of the brush, the day after your friends held awake for you, because they assumed, you died
6:26 pm
in a plane crash. that's what he did in the 1970s. he then once survived getting run over by a bulldozer and now, at the age of 77, nothing can kill this man. earlier, he and two friends were surveying a gold claim in british columbia, when he strayed off, and he didn't return and for the next four days, he survived on mountain stream water and no food. when a helicopter spotted him, he was walking and in perfect health. didn't even cause a fresh wound. >> surgery, in the heavyweight champ is going to keep him out of the ring until 2010. the lack of an avalable fall t.v. date is also a reason for his slow return.
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>> our top stories are next, yankees, hoping to stretch out their sizable lead over boston, after bashing out 20 runs, but, the tables have been turned. details
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♪ and the yankees are po@úúu÷
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 it's a great night if y are a duck a reliever you want to say is this going to blow over. look up at the skies it is still coming down. i'm sean burnett i'm going into the house. >> hello and welcome to washington, dc, nationals park. umbrellas in hand. the fans coming in. watch game 2 of the four-game set against the brewers. johnny holliday with ray knight. happy to have you here brought to you by our friends at verizon wireless. a rainy day and afternoon maybe it is going to blow out of here
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we'll see if we can't get it in because it is a special night for frank howard. we'll talk about that in a moment. ray, the bullpen, i hate to use the word "overworked" but when you look at the numbers 397 appearances, that says something there. >> it does, john, this he have been good initially, this he have been god. last night it was very solid came in and it will give he ended up giving up a lot of things. riggleman talked about usage. he needs to be used a lot. he is sharper. he is dropping down there. and a single after single. the extra runs to put us down. and the starters 17.2 for the relieves.
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18 for the starters. this is the last four games. >> they have come out of the break with an average of 3.57. so they have been very good over a strong stretch. the short stretch to long term will happen. for guys out they don't get it done. the walk, too many. and and we have a good bullpen. we have proven it. the starters are not going deep enough. we need someone and that was my next question. you took it out of my mouth, the fact if you get the innings out of the starters. you need 40 a week from pitching. you would like 43, 44. that's easy to get 7 starters you go 5 that's 35 if you go 42
6:33 pm
you figure someone will go 7 and 5. we have been getting 36, 37 innings. five extra is a extra for the bullpen, you don't want them to throw more than four or five max. clippard is a guy that may give you six he can go out and give you two at a time. bergmann 4 a week and sosa. this has been an interesting week, strasburg being signed and rizzo being signed. and today we had a chance to be a part of the picnic in the park get together and visited
6:34 pm
with stephen and mike rizzo. it hit home this is a, this is a guy that's going to be loved by the fans. >> talking to him today as we were able to be around him. and how settled he is. what we talked about and. what the fans can not do is expect him to save the franchise right away it is a long process. and building foundation.
6:35 pm
you look at the add pieces to the club that and. >> i like an answer he gave me anyone you face in college give you trouble an hitter. he said i think i adjusted nicely. that's a great answer. >> all the way junior he was saying that he won a game and lost 10. this is someone who came about he through it hard. he never thought about being a professional player. >> how do the fans react? >> they were just as happy. >> what is great about this week is that i think it brought a lot of positive attention. it gives us hope that we're building. the plan that they have been talking about is coming into play. and we came and stayed for the
6:36 pm
meeting but wen joyed it. >> it gave me goose bumps a need thing to see the agent got a hand. that surprised me but he did. it was a nice string. strasburg? i was most impressed with his attitude. >> he loves baseball and that came through i think this add as new level of excitement. i'm excited. and there is a guy lost for words. >> yes, yes. he may be the next one. it is you know what time it is. the hold of the day brought to
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you by just for men hair color. since the break leaders. jason berg berg and sean burnett with a couple. and as they kept them in the game you can stay in the game with just for men hair color. next, visit with hon dough, mr. baseball for all these years. that's when we come back in a minute.
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now at chili's -- start your three-course meals with a shared appetizer. choose two entrees from over 15 chili's favorites, then share a decadent dessert. chili's --  one of the greatest pla ever to play. a gwinnettle giant. one of the nicest people you ever want to meet and debbi taylor up stairs had a chance to sit down and visit with the
6:40 pm
guy with the new label attached to his name. >> that's right. what a great guy. jim riggleman said he was the reason everyone went to watch the senators games. i caught up with him moments ago. this is your first look at your bobble head, what do you think? >> it looks like me i'm going to give you my best bobble head expression. this is great. baseball is so family oriented and it is a fun day for the fans. > is it nice for to you enjoy baseball after... >> it is great for the area. when the club came here five years ago i'm not saying their system was depleted but it was thin. and i talked to a lot of
6:41 pm
people. it will take them. they have great scouts 56789 to 7 years to build that up there in their 5th year. i will be surprised if they don't turn out a quality player in a year or two. that's all it takes. they're close and so far away. you put a couple more players on the field and above what they have right now that's with the utmost respect for their personnel. the nationals come after you. win, lose or draw they take you to the mat. , you machined how they come after you. that is because of your partner with the bobble head, adam dunn. i don't debate it with my peers about out they say don't make them like they used to. they are right they are bigger, faster and stronger and
6:42 pm
smarter. this young man i saw him five years ago in scouting as a young player. i thought he was i thought corun very well. great power. great knowledge of the strike zone and outstanding throughout with a strong arm. he was a four, 5, player as a young player. he has done amazing things in the next 2 or 3 years. >> are you looking forward to the rest of the evening here at national's park. well i -- we'll make it fun for the fans. i work ford him in the brave's organization. it is a small way of thanking the fans for their great support. any contributionky make it just a add on. >> and frank enjoys following
6:43 pm
the nationals if you are lucky to come through the fates, you will get one of the bobble heads, back over to you. great to see them this is well deserved. >> is there an anniversary. have i missed an anniversary. there are insees that say this is the 150th of baseball in washington going back to the first team in 1859. but this is the 50th of bobble heads. the first were in 1960. the parts were made where they were painted and assembled. this one here. that's the white base.
6:44 pm
that's should be 1961 and 1963. generic been a baseball and logo. and they featured head. the chief head was on the indians doll. mr. ed on the cincinnati doll. now the white doll from the period sold for a dollar. this one. now it would be $200. this was issued in 1966. the features did not change much but the national expressions did. some teams wanted to be inclusive and have african- american dolls as well. they were produced in small numbers. they are valuable and in good condition. the senators black player goes for $1000 give or take 100 bucks. >> wow. >> a lot of clubs have made dolls of players.
6:45 pm
the twin as couple of years ago gave away a walter johnson doll. it went over like a lead balloonment they said why give it away from someone who did not play for the twins. the point is obviously the nationals it would not be tick popular here. >> and phil knows, i know, coming to town, frank is mr. baseball. >> he was ait hadding coach when i went to new york, johnny, a lot of people don't realize that he managed, a hitting coach. he did so many things, scout. phil you know him better. run us through the thanks that the jobs he has held. >> he has been a coach for the brewers, mariners, rays, mets, yankees. he 345eu7bg managed the padres. he was an all star here with the
6:46 pm
senators. the most self-depreciating prayer. >> that's right. he will be holding court i darn you. >> let's hope so. the starting lineups between milwaukee and the nationals next and we continue. that's our diamond bust with phil wood and johnny holliday with ray knight. the pregame on mass non-a moment! 
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6:48 pm
 we're back with the pre show. kick back and relax. rye gran braun hitting 3 for the brewers. 20 each of the first three major league seasons. three homeruns shy of 100. he is hitting .324. check the brew ares. lopez the at 2nd. cameron batting 3rd -- 2nd. then braun in left field.
6:49 pm
prince fielder. casey mcgehee. short top is escobar and burns on the mound. adam dunn. 1 for 2. he is five for his last nine with a couple of walks. over the last 32 and hitting 373. 9 homers. and here is the nats lineup. morgan leads nov center. gonzales at shortstop tonight. then adam dunn. zimmerman and belliard gets the start at 2nd. dukes. and nieves and now let's go back to our studios and a visit from the sports junkies. >> i'm jp from the sports junk wry. this is the third time we have
6:50 pm
been here. we're back. and the experts. >> we are wearing the same gear. >> what do i know about the brew ares. >> fielder is a big guy. [ laughter ] >> all right. actually break down the series between the nats and brewers. they can live in the time capsule from 30 years ago. and playing for the brew ares for 30 years. >> he was on the bad news bears. >> great to see a 275-pound guy hit it out of the park. he is a threat. you expect to see a lot of runs
6:51 pm
in the series. nats and brewers to the bottom of the league. >> and you know last year when cc came over, that was -- they relied on him. he was pitching on 3 day's rest. he carried them into the post season. this year no cc, you know. dave bush is not cc. jeff sunon their pitching has been bad. the park has a lot to do with it. this he have been fighting and relying on prince and ryan braun. when weeks went down that killed them in the infield. so, i would not look for the brew ares to repeat and go to post season. >> and the staff case. i know someone loves cc dime. check out the sports station 106.7 the fan. we who of breaking down the sports from the nationals to the ravens to redskins. foiling us you have mike
6:52 pm
wise and a columnist for the washington post you with ill love him. following them chad zook and levar arrington. >> now to ususal nas bark. >> nationals trying to get a win tonight. milwaukee tries to get the 60s. they have taken game one up to john lannan to even things out and get the ninth win. and pitching well the way he does. they have not been solid but he is a streak stopper and starter. we have. >> the wert here is not cooperating. we hope it blows through. next we'll talk about that guy john lannan as we continue on masn. to ride in the bottom of the plane in the dark. no peanuts or nothin'.
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 frustrated is a strong word. he is not happy with his performances. he had some within the games he had some good innings. he hasn't had the real clean game he was having earlier. i like the fact that he is unhappy, you know, i don't want him to be at all satisfied with those games where he had to come out of the game after five, six innings. he is better than that. and he -- he put as lot on himself to be better than that. >> and want johnny to do is go out, trust him and get whack to throw the strikes which he does. i just want him to go back and relax and focus and get it quick in the count. you know something, ray, he
6:56 pm
shows poise for a guy that is he is going to be 25 next month. >> go through stretches that you will have a tough time. he has the last two outings. >> that's eight over that period of time go. back to the last previous starts. he had a 2.44. by and most consistent pitcher and still among the leaders and quality starts over lat of the two years. >> he goes for his 26th start. if he gets the win and let's hope he does, he is 8 and 9. he is 9th win. he was 9 and 15. this would tie the winning record. i look for him to win 15 games every year from here on out. we're talking about expectations today with strass berg. with john lannan he has a track
6:57 pm
record. he has been effective. you cannot break it down to 2 or 3 starts you have to take the body of work. he has been very good. >> mike burns for the brewers he will get his 8th start of the year. he bet the astros 6-2 and 7 innings. >> the first start in the leagues was this year after spinning four years. he was able to get a win. prior to that he has been giving up a lot of runs. >> less than favorable conditions here but still a fan. they're coming in. nationals park. johnny holliday bob and rob coming up around the corner.
6:58 pm
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